For those of you that drive in the wee hours of the morning, you may know the sheer terror that lurks behind every twist and turn, it's name, The Great Horned Owl.

Devonyu - ThinkStock

The Great Horned Owl is no joke. Think of 'Owl' from Winnie the Pooh and add gigantic scary eyes, talons and a carnivorous blood lust.

I've seen them nesting peacefully in a swamp near White House Road in Rochester near the Somersworth border and their attitude in that environment is completely different than the three encounters I've had while in the darkness.

But none of them beats today's Halloween themed episode.

A dark shadowy figure stands in the middle of the road, a few yards in front of me. As I hit the brakes, WHOOOOSH, this unknown creature rockets quickly up about fifteen feet, then towards my car.

All I can remember are those huge eyes and that 5 foot wingspan.

It was probably just as freaked out by my car as I was freaked out by it, but it's something I'll never forget for sure.

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