Because saving $5 on a shopping list is brag-worthy, until you read this.

Extreme couponing has long been a thing. During the app age, it's exploded beyond simply cutting from the Sunday paper. One New Hampshire resident has gained fame internationally due to her fancy frugalness.

First reported in the Union Leader, Jennifer Foisey of Derry is a second generation extreme couponer. She's been able to save upwards of $20,000 a year on well, everything. Union Leader says she saves about 80 percent on clothes, about 60 percent on food, and pays pennies on a dollar for toiletries or other non-perishables like trash bags or self-sealing freezer bags. Stockpiling items like frozen food has also added to her total.

Simply relying on apps and online coupons isn't enough, according to Foisey. She goes the extra mile to comb through the stores for sales. She told the Union Leader "“I do a lot more homework." She was recently featured in England's

She''s doing a lot more than saving a little here and there. The Union Leader reported the 28 year old was able to use a lot of her saved money to take a motorcycle course and buy a $22,000 bike.

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