Abigail Hernandez of North Conway, will be on 20/20 this Friday, finally talking about her nine months held captive by sex predator.

Abigail was 14 years old and a freshman in High School when she was abducted in October, 2013.  She didn't return home until she was released nine months later.

The reporter for 20/20 who talked to Abigail, according the Union Leader story, had this to say:

There were certain people in the community who scoffed at her story and doubted her story...... There were high school kids who, according to Abby’s friends, questioned what happened.

The story of Abby was all over the news and I can't imagine anyone questioning what had happened to her.  Her abductor was eventually found, arrested and convicted to prison for 45 - 90 years.

Abby said that her abductor never told her his name and forced her to refer to him as "master."

20/20 airs this Friday on ABC.

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