There will be a real, live craft show this weekend in Hampton and I HAVE TO GO!  I promise, I'll be safe.  I'll have my mask and my credit card.

The craft show is presented by Great New England Craft and Artisan Shows.  Both Saturday and Sunday, 10a - 4pm at the RIM Sports Complex in Hampton.  It's $5.00 per ticket to attend and you have to pick a day/time to go.  There will be plenty of parking, food, music and cash door prizes!  Sounds like socially distanced fun!


As we all know, 2020 has been, to quote that inside voice inside my head, "super sucky."  The top thing for me and maybe you too has been not being able to get together with my family and friends.  UG!  The second thing that I really don't like about 2020 is seeing all the closings and reduced hours for my favorite retail spaces.  I'm a shopper.  I don't think I'm addicted to it, but I love going out to meet new people and see what's out there.  I don't always spend money when I go shopping.  Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood, but get me to a craft fair and fuggeddaboutit.  When I walk in, I see a small business owner, an artist sometimes, who is trying to make ends meet.  As a disciple of Bob Ross, (no joke.  I love him and his happy little trees....) I have many times envisioned myself as making a living painting landscapes.  I've done a few things and maybe someday, I'll exhibit my collection of paintings and stained glass, but, for now, I shall support those who have actually taken the plunge to be an actual artist.

See you with your mask on this weekend!

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