The students at Kennett High School in Conway, New Hampshire will get to have a graduation ceremony, after all… COVID-19 be damned. And, it will be the coolest and most creative ceremony ever. The seniors will go through this very important rite of passage on a ski lift at Cranmore Mountain on June 13th, according to WCAX 3 via The Hill. What a fantastic way to make sure the students stay six feet apart. And to make sure they are extra safe, there will be an empty chair between them.

Kennett High School's principal, Kevin Carpenter said in an interview with WCAX:

People will ride it up, get their diploma, get a picture of them on the top of a mountain, they'll go to a different place with a second photographer, and get a pretty amazing backdrop.

Imagine the amazing pictures and memories these kids will have. Hopefully, other high schools throughout New England will follow suit and come up with an alternative plan with social distancing measures for their respective graduation ceremonies. It is a celebration every student should have.

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