No kidding, police cited a New Hampshire woman for driving with....wait for it...

A baby goat on her lap!

Marlborough, New Hampshire police say they initially pulled the woman over earlier this week after they witnessed her using her cell phone while driving (which is against the law in the Granite State). It was only then they realized the 60-year-old woman from Sullivan, NH was operating her vehicle with a kid, a baby goat on her lap.

A report from NECN says the unidentified woman was cited for driving without a valid license and also counseled about distracted driving.

The Marlborough, New Hampshire Police Department took to social media and posted the encounter on their Facebook, with the comment, 'I wish this was another April Fool's joke baaaht it's not!'

I would have loved to have seen a picture of the baby goat. I bet it is just absolutely adorable!

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