Papi's bike, poker set, and even popcorn machine could be yours this weekend!

Pardon the pun, but this seems completely out of left field. David Ortiz is having an estate sale this weekend at his Weston residence. That's right one of the most beloved sports figures of this generation is having a yard sale. Whhhaaat?! 

The list of items is pretty random. Who knew David was a Route 66 kinda guy? You can pick up his hightop table set. Ortiz long battled soreness, and anyone's who's been through physical therapy knows a recumbent bike is a great way to loosen up joints and muscles. In the market for one? Big Papi is your guy. Popcorn your snack of choice? How about his popcorn machine? In addition to the random stuff, there will be autographed items such as framed pictures from 2004's World Series.

According to Estate, all sales are final. Cash and all major credit cards accepted. Numbers for order of entry will be given out beginning at 7:30am. Don't sleep in. Even if you have signed up on a list, you must be present at 7:30 to receive your number, or you will be given the next available one instead.

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