Spotting a bobcat in your backyard is rare. It seems once every couple of months, a video appears on a television news station or somewhere on social media. And they're generally amazing to watch.

However, imagine getting a video of not one, not two, but three big and fluffy bobcats in your backyard, looking quite healthy and just hanging out.

This latest capture comes from Eddie O'Rourke III, whose video popped up on my Instagram feed via Boston 25 News. And wow, what a cool video to watch out of Pepperell, Massachusetts, just minutes from the New Hampshire state line.

Do you think it's a family? I feel like it's a mom and dad with a child. There's a bobcat in the video that looks smaller. He or she is the one that runs off under an overhanging section of the home.

Here's the video. I love the calm, cool, and collected bobcat who I think is the mother, just sitting there while the smaller one appears to be playing. Then comes Dad, and it looks like it's time to move along.

Maybe they finally realized they were caught on video and decided to scamper off. But overall, as you'll see in the video, they don't seem worried at all.

Those are not your everyday kitty cats you see. According to the A-Z-Animals website, bobcats are one of the few wildcats found in the United States and in Massachusetts; they're the only kind of wildcat there is.

There are approximately 3,500 in the Bay State. Most are in the western and central parts of the state, but are slowly expanding to encompass much of it, including the Cape.

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