U.S. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid blasted our state in an interview with the Washington Post. He should know that New Hampshirites love our primary more than we love most things.

Harry Reid Deal With It

Harry Reid just made a lot of enemies in New Hampshire after essentially saying that nobody important lives here.

Here is a short disclaimer before I continue: This is not about politics. I don't care about your politics. You and your political beliefs can go pound sand for all I care.

Got that? Good. Here is what Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid had to say about New Hampshire's primary status:

I was always terribly upset about how we were choosing our presidents. You go to New Hampshire. There are not any minorities there. Nobody lives there.

Oooooooooh snap Reid you done did it now. This is some Tupac and Biggie beef you just put on the table and we here in New Hampshire are just hungry enough to choke it down. Grab a knife and fork because we are about to have you and your dumb comments for dinner.

Nobody lives here? I'm sorry can you say that again one more time? I couldn't hear your over the MILLIONS of people that are crowded into this state. I know because I am stuck behind them in traffic all the time.

Do you know who grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire? Adam Sandler. If you forget about every single movie he has made after Billy Madison then you should be incredibly ashamed of yourself.

Do I look like "nobody" Harry? Have you ever seen Happy Gilmore? - Getty Images
Do I look like "nobody" Harry? Have you ever seen Happy Gilmore? - Getty Images

Sorry we don't have enough minorities for your liking Harry. New Hampshire is admittedly whiter than a bottle of bleach, but we welcome everyone and anyone to come and join us. We are so into the whole "Live Free or Die" thing that we attract thousands of libertarian hippy Free Staters who dream of one day turning the state into the Wild Wild Northeast.

We are so welcoming that we let people who have a porcupine for a logo into our borders. Think about that for a second before you go running your mouth Reid.

What a charming and welcoming animal to use for a mascot.
What a charming and welcoming animal to use for a mascot.

People visit us when these elections happen and that makes us feel awesome and important. Plus, we get to deal with hundreds of arrogant national journalists who have an unwarranted sense of self-worth.

Have you ever met a broadcast reporter that you didn't want to punch right in the face? Welcome to primary season everyone.

People only think about New Hampshire when the primary is upon us or our leaves change color. Every other second of people's attention is dedicated to more interesting states like Massachusetts and Florida.

You can't take that away from us Harry. We won't let you. Our secretary of state has been fending off other states trying to take our First in the Nation status for years. Just one look in his eyes and I think you will change your tone Mr. Reid.


Are you afraid? You should be because Bill Gardner will come to your house, kick down the door and open up a can of granite whoop-a$$ on you. When he does, make sure to tell your friends what happened so everyone knows the fate of those who mess with New Hampshire's primary.

You have made some powerful enemies Harry Reid.

Well, actually most people don't really care and will go back to thinking about which reality star is getting a butt implant now. Rest assured that I'll remember what you said, and I may or may not have Bill Gardner's cell phone number.

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