Why do old people fear snow? For 8 months out of the year they brag about how the storms we see nowadays aren't like the epic blizzards they lived through during the Harding administration. Yet, if you were unlucky enough to go grocery shopping in the last few days, you no doubt heard herds of octogenarians straining to hear each other. They start with the salutation 'Storm comin', followed by snow accumulations and temperatures and the word 'awful' is used at least 4 times every ten seconds. Their carts are loaded up with batteries, water, bread and between 10 and 15 pounds of hard candy. There is no need for this and I'm here to assign blame.

Grammie is freaking out!
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"My favorite weather show says the apocalypse is upon us"

It is the fault of the media! My theory is, the channel that forecasts the highest total of predicted snow fall, windspeed, car accidents and power outages will receive the highest viewership. These media outlets are now having a contest to see who can out-sensationalize each other and Gram Gram and Pop Pop are caught in the crossfire.

The Shark Seacoast Forecast has just dropped the total snow accumulation DOWN 2 inches to 16 inches on the high end, which for 36 non-stop hours of snow, really isn't that bad. I'd like to thank our guy Jim Bria for trying his best to forecast accurately instead of sensationally for as long as I've read his SSF. For more reality based weather, check out our Shark Radar Weather right here on this website. It's a great way to assure Nana the world isn't ending.

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