According to a report in the Laconia Daily Sun, the Belmont Police Department checks in on Seniors to see if they are doing okay.

I WANT THIS PROGRAM TO SPREAD LIKE WILD FIRE!  Good Morning Belmont is a program designed to make sure that the City's elder population are okay and haven't fallen or anything like that.  Here's how it works, according to the report:

Seniors sign up to receive a phone call from the Belmont Police Department every morning between 8 & 10am.  If they don't answer and the PD hasn't heard from them by 10am, an officer is dispatched to their home to make sure they are okay.  IS THAT NOT THE BEST THING YOU HAVE EVER HEARD OF, EVER?!!

If you know me, you know that I care about people, first and foremost and senior citizens are my favorites.  I feel as though we are all too busy to care for them and that makes me beyond sad.  We'll all get to where they are, God willing, so my concern is really self-serving.  I hope this program spreads to every PD in the state. I'll volunteer to make calls if they don't have the staff.

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