There's the old saying, there are no bad dogs, just poorly trained dogs.

Mike Pinksten, the owner of Olympia Kennels, has been proving that true for more than 40 years, training both pets and dog sport competitors — including those dogs other deemed untrainable. Mike and his team can help a new puppy learn how to be a good member of the family or an older dog break bad and dangerous habits such as aggression, car chasing and separation anxiety.

Olympia Kennels offers board and train programs, which means you drop off your pup for a few weeks and when you pick him or her up, the doggo has mastered key commands and you just need a lesson or two to ensure the good behavior continues at home. Fun Fact: Olympia Kennels also has the longest-standing and most well-respected breeding program in the Northeast and sells adult German Shepherds trained as security dogs.

Here are three dogs that are getting a lot more pats than they once did, thanks to Olympia Kennels:

1) Aggressive Car-Chaser: Boy, a Korean Jindo mix rescue dog, was the cause of a couple of trips to the emergency room, but after his owner, Ray, brought him to Olympia Kennels, he was a whole new dog, sweet and able to sit quietly next to traffic and other distractions while his owner filmed this testimonial.

2) Rambunctious Golden Retriever: Jack, the Golden Retriever, was energetic as a new puppy and only became more of a handful. Now, instead of running around the house in full puppy mode all the time, he listens and watches commands and is a polite member of the household. He even served as a demo dog for Olympia Kennels' advanced obedience board and train program.

3) Serious Separation Anxiety: This video pretty much speaks for itself. Ivy, a German Shepherd, needed training intervention to get over severe separation anxiety — and has a whole new attitude after just a few weeks.

Olympia Kennels' is currently booking for the 2020 board and train season, so if you recently got a new dog that needs some training or are ready to have a trainer tackle a problem you just haven't been able to solve at home, call 603-887-2391 or visit Big or small, they train them all!

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