Without a doubt, this is the most bizarre and incredible wildlife encounter I've ever seen. (Animal lovers take caution, there are violent images in this video.)

If the Howell Township, New Jersey officer who witnessed this didn't have a dash cam, there's NO WAY anyone in their right mind would believe this happened.

In fact, it's difficult to relay in print.

You can see the deer jump out in front of the SUV at :07, and then a full TWELVE seconds later that same deer lunges into the open driver's side door in an apparent attempt to seek violent revenge upon the driver (Ellen Sager) that hit it.

Ellen appears to give the deer an impressive barrage of kicks that push the deer back out on the street.

The deer died from injuries sustained in the crash and the driver sustained a knee injury. Whether the knee injury was from the original impact or the driver's seat melee that followed, is still a mystery.