If you missed the Shark Morning Show this morning, you missed the very last Morning Show with Sarah & A-Train.  Aaron is moving on to the U. S. Post Office as a Rural Mail Carrier.  I thought that I could actually read this on the air this morning, but I was wrong.  Too much emotion.  Too much love for the Train and our show.  Lucky for you, however, you get to read what I would have said if I could have said it without blubbering like a Seahawk fan after that Superbowl where the Pats kicked there ass.  I don't know what number that one was or what the score was, but you might.
Anyway.... here it is:

First, I should say thank you.

I am very grateful to my bosses who have given us the opportunity for our last show.  Thank you so much for that.  It's not always the case, so I recognize what a gift that was.

It's Was All About You, the Listeners

Sully pix
Sully pix
Second, thank you so much to all of our listeners!  You were the greatest!  We hope that you will continue to listen - Train and I will still be on the air, but just in a different way.  This is Ed Macione with Train and me.  He brings us treats all the time!  Thank you, Ed!

Now - I have something I would like to read to the Postmaster.

Dear Postmaster of Rochester and Gonic - I think your name is Scott.
Dear Scott,
Hi.  My name is Sarah Sullivan.  You don't know me at all, but you recently met not only my co-host on the Shark Morning Show, but you met my friend, my brother in radio- Aaron Lapierre.  I thought I would tell you a little bit about him that didn't come out in the application process.

He Loves To Eat

Aaron is the best person to cook for in the world.  That's why everyone gives him food.  The love-noises that come out of his mouth are amazing for a cook to hear.  if you feed him pecans, he'll itch like poison ivy for days.  Don't give him any.

No Bananas

Also, it should be noted that he does not like bananas - He DOES, however, like banana bread.  Weird, but that's our Train.

He Has an Incredible Brain

Aaron knows all of the Presidents from Number one to the current guy by heart.  For instance, if I said what number was James Garfield, he would say... 20.  Who knew!  He would also tell you that James Garfield was assassinated after only 4 months in office.

He is a Huge Gambler

Aaron will never say exactly what happens in Vegas, but he will bet the money you give him and be sure to bring it back should you hit anything.

He Will Know Facts About You and Your Co-Workers

If you started to work here, Aaron would ask you what soda you preferred the most.  He kept the machine stocked.  Every Friday during the pandemic, he would pass out all of our favorites.

He's a Huge Softie

Train is a sentimental man.  I have a collection of cards that Aaron gave me over the past few years and each one of them is very sweet.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, I even have cards from Train that are "just because" cards.  How sweet is that?  Having said that, he also has a wicked streak - he and I would howl laugh about people who we both know.  Aaron is able to do impersonations of just about everyone and in private, he'll call out how crappy people can be sometimes.  Those times were fun.

If You Mess With Him, We Will Kick Your Ass

You should also know that if you cross Train, he has a gaggle of women somewhere in Plaistow that will kick your ass if you mess with him.  Actually, Jodi from Accounting will give you a beat down before anybody.

I'm Sorry Train

Aaron, I'm sorry that I got crabby sometimes.  Even though you never said anything, I'm sure that you wanted to ask me what was wrong.  Instead, you just tried to make me laugh and bring up the time about that woman who ate half of a lasagna in the refrigerator once that was meant for a funeral the next day.

Thank You, Train

Train, Thank you for being my back.  You deserve all good things.  They don't make 'em like you anymore.  I'm happy to have done this show with you.  Hopefully, we made some people laugh and gave them a good start to their day.  I will miss seeing you every day, but.... you have many others who are waiting for your kindness.  And plenty of others waiting for your juicy gossip.
Love you,

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