Security was tight this past Monday, according to a report from WCVB when reporters got to talk to David Ortiz at Fenway Park for the first time since he was shot this past June in the Dominican Republic.

Only a few reporters were allowed to attend and could only ask Papi two prepared questions.

Papi said he isn't afraid to go back to his native country, but will be more aware of his surroundings, the news station reported.

Ortiz also revealed some of the details of the shooting.

Eliezel Salvador, who Papi described as "an angel," put him in to the back of a Rolls Royce SUV and had to ram the vehicle in to other cars to get out of a spot so he could race to the hospital, according to WCVB. The report says that Salvador "totally wrecked" the SUV.

The report quotes Papi as saying:

The first five seconds, I thought I was in the middle of a nightmare," he said. "Then, the next few seconds, I realized that it was real.

Very happy to see Papi back and talking to the press.  He is the heart of Red Sox Nation.

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