Yesterday, Jodie from Accounting gave me a pair of mittens that she made herself.  I love everything hand made, so I was very happy when she gave them to me.

Aaron, because he's Aaron, asked me what color I thought they were.  I said, "Mauve, of course, why?"  He started laughing and said that he was amazed at how men and women see color.  Men, according to Aaron, would see the color of the mittens as pink or purple and wouldn't ya know.... I think he's right.

Christine, our VP of Sales,  said MAUVE, just like ya girl, here.....

then we asked Shawn the Shark

Train (Aaron) was right AGAIN!  Unbelievable.  How does he know these things?  Aaron is a wealth of information, I tell ya.  Almost every day I learn something from him.

EXCEPT, well, there's one in every crowd.... one that throws everything off and that person in our gang... is Veronica.  hahaha!  Girl's got a nose ring, so... there's that.

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