According to Sarah & A-Train's Brain Strain this morning, 60% of all New England women own $500 worth of THIS.  What is it?

We got some great answers like;



Not the right answer, but MAN those things can be expensive.  It's all about the label with some of these things.  I found a Hermes bag online that they are selling for OVER $21,000.  I don't know how much money I would have to make in order to justify buying a purse that I PUT ON THE FLOOR of a public bathroom when I have to pee.  I suppose, if you have that amount of money, why not.  Also, when did the word change from pocketbooks to purse?  I thought purse was old... but nope.  If you use the word, "pocketbook," you sound old apparently.



Nope, not the right answer.  The women that I know have lingerie from long ago, when maybe their relationship was new or when they were a few pounds lighter.  This sexy bra cost over $1,700.  Nope.  Not this girl.



Many women I know have many, many scarves.  They are a GREAT accessory.  Not the right answer to this question, but I'm pretty sure that I have about 500 scarves. (kidding, but close.....)  Many seacoast women called and said the same thing.  At a buck apiece, that's some good money!



Nope.  Not the right answer.  If you are not familiar with the price of makeup, let me enlighten you.  Foundation, which is a MUST HAVE, even for days when you aren't wearing any makeup, could run you some hefty bucks.  This fancy kind, cle de peau beaute, will run you $250.  AND THEY ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT.  Personally, I go for the Loreal kind at Wal-Mart for $14 bucks.

Expensive Dresses


This is my favorite, albeit incorrect, answer this morning.  There is not a woman I know who doesn't have at least one or two fancy dresses in their closet that they've worn once and that's it.  I know that I have one from my friend's wedding in the '80s that I just can't get rid of.  It's SEQUINS from top to bottom and I love it.  I can't get rid of it even though I can't fit my butt into it... YET.



YES!  Watches is the correct answer.  It might be because of the price of gold.  It's very expensive these days and if you've inherited your dead relative's watches, as I did, you probably have $500 worth of them too.

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