A Fremont couple out on a motorcycle ride picked up an unwanted hitch-hiker.


Dave Doucette and his wife Debbie were out for a ride on their motorcycle the other night when an owl dive bombed Dave.

According to a report on WMUR.com:

 "It was a barred owl, probably had a 3-foot wingspread," said Dave. "I was able to tuck my head a little bit and the bird slammed into my head and it dropped down and kind of wrapped around my neck."

"I see him duck like this and all I saw is the wing hanging out, so I screamed!" said Debbie.

Somehow Dave kept control of the bike while the owl was wrapped around his neck. The owl flew away unharmed, the couple believes, though Dave has some scratches to show from the encounter.

The fact Dave didn't drop the bike is quite impressive. The first time I got stung by a bee was when I was eight years old. I was riding my bike at the time when the bee got under my shirt. I crashed my Schwinn immediately when I felt that sting.

An owl is only a billion times bigger than a bee, with sharp talons. I'll be the first to say Dave Doucette is a billion times more of a guy than I am.