Did you really think I'd go to Oxford Casino and NOT brag about the best video slot bonus in the history of my life? This pic was taken BEFORE the addition 82 spins!

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Sun And Moon by Aristocrat Games

With two remaining free spins left in a five spin bonus, the unthinkable happened. An eclipse was followed by a pyramid, two more eclipses and a 'Moon symbol'. Everything at that moment was controlled by the mystical and mysterious pyramid in the second reel.

For those that know this game, an eerie earth-rumbling growl occurs as the pyramid slowly reveals the true symbol behind it. And as you see, it was ANOTHER eclipse!

This is a wildcard that also retriggers the amount of spins. 5 wild cards on the reels equals a mind-boggling EIGHTY bonus spins. You don't even have to do anything, just sit and watch the money pile up!

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Over 219 dollars won on a SIXTY CENT BET! Easily the biggest hit I've ever had* in any casino. Thanks Oxford!

*based on percentage wagered on slot machine and not any table game :)