Sarah's special recipe for Chicken Parm HORRIFIED The Shark's very own Joe Limardi so badly, that a cooking duel (Parmageddon) was planned during an intense and funny phone call between the two combatants. We have the audio right here!

Photo Credit - Jodi from Accounting

As you can tell by my reaction, I'm ecstatic that I will reap TWO delicious rewards for my volunteer work as a 'Judge'.

Jodi from Accounting will also be on the expert panel of 'Parmageddon' Judges and offered support for Sarah's use of lasagna noodles.

Joe has quite a challenge in front of him in this upcoming battle as the two people in the building that Sarah has cooked for, are the only 2 officials in this contest.

'Parmageddon 2018' has yet to bet scheduled at the time of the publishing of this post.

Andreas Rodriguez - ThinkStock

With UNH, St. Anselm College AND Plymouth State ALL having their graduation ceremonies tomorrow, Sarah and I quote some terrific advice from two of our favorite commencement speakers. Sarah's quote is from author Neil Gaiman while I quote none other than the late great Yogi Berra. (As much as I hate the Yankees, I must admit the man was an absolute sage.)