UPDATE: Internet sleuths are positive this isn't Mr. Edelman, but as always, we leave it up to you to decide.


What do New England Patriots players do in the offseason? Well, at least one of them visits Maine. While Tom Brady is leaving most of New England hyperventilating over whether he'll be back for another season, his favorite wide receiver was spotted visiting one of Maine's most iconic tourist destinations, Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth.

The best part of Edelman's visit may be the fact that he was trying to accomplish it incognito. Shared on Instagram by Adam MacDonald,  if you're staring at the photo above and going, "that's not Julian Edelman," take a closer look. He's not the guy front and center, he's the guy in the background wearing the beige hat.

Instagram via Adam.instantly
Instagram via Adam.instantly

So how did nobody else notice that Julian Edelman was just hanging at Portland Head Light? Well, Edelman looks like he fits perfect in the Portland scene. From clothing, to sunglasses, to the full beard, he could easily transition from Patriots wide receiver to tap room pourer at your favorite brewery.

Edelman also appears to have a soft spot for Maine. He famously visited the Bangor area a couple years ago just for the fun of it. Edelman dined out a local restaurant and then enjoyed some nightlife. Perhaps Edelman did the same this weekend in Portland, and if he did, we may never know. Hope you had a good time, Jules.

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