Well the Patriots are back where they should be,  which is in first place in the AFC East with a 4 and 2 record. It was a costly victory over the Bills on Sunday. The Patriots won 37-22 and Brady put up huge numbers, but the injuries to Jerod Mayo, Stevan Ridley and Dan Connolly have Pats fans worried.

The injuries to Mayo and Ridley are reportedly 'significant' and Connolly sustained a concussion.  Obviously we'll know more later today when those guys are properly evaluated, but I wouldn't count on any of them being ready to go for Thursday's match up against the Jets.

As you can see in the video above Gronk seemed pretty chipper after the game, and he thought the linemen 'played a great job, they're the ones that should get laid tonight.' Classic.

More classic Gronk just because......

Pats host the Jets Thursday night, we'll have the pre-game at 5:30PM with the kickoff at 8:30PM on The Shark.  Go Pats!