It wasn't pretty, but a W is a W in the NFL. The Patriots struggled in the 1st half as they have in the past few games, but came out in the 2nd half with a sense of urgency that ultimately led them to victory.

DK's Player of the Game: Stephen Gostkowski. Although he missed from 55 yards earlier in the game, Gost (new nickname?) came through with two huge 50-plus yarders in the 4th quarter. Obviously Tom Terrific gets an honorable mention for his impressive performance in the 2nd half, but he stunk it up in the 1st half, with a few missed opportunities, and a bad interception.

DK's Poopy Performer: The entire defense! Except for a big sack/deflection in the 4th quarter to seal the W (although I'm convinced if Keenums throw wasn't batted away it would have gone for a TD...somehow), the defense was a slice of swiss cheese. All levels of the defense couldn't make a stop. Ugliness on top of ugliness. Let's hope the defense can figure something out; the swiss cheesery will not last long in the playoffs.

Here are some highlights in pictures: