I'm pretty convinced that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has good intentions, but they are controversial with their tactics.

If you remember, about a week ago, a truck hauling about 7,000 pounds of lobster crashed on to the roadway in Brunswick, Maine.   Because the lobster had been out of the water for too long, they could not be eaten.

Yesterday, PETA got a NO from the Maine DOT to put up a roadside memorial for all the lobsters that died at that spot of the crash, but they are not giving up yet.  Here's a quote from PETA:

“After being informed this morning that our request has been denied by MDOT because that specific portion of the highway prohibits any signage due to safety reasons, we’ve asked MDOT to give us the nearest permissible location for the memorial, which we still plan to place.”

I wonder if I can put up a memorial for the baby raccoons that I saw dead on the road on 156 in Northwood?  It's worth a shot.

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