It's been a minute since I've been to the gym.  Okay, maybe more than a minute, maybe like.... 3 or 4 months.

Planet Fitness, according to a story from WMUR,  has upped it's sanitation game with what it's calling, "social fitnessing" and plan on opening up on Thursday.

Gyms everywhere have always been a hotbed for germs no matter where you go.  People sweat when they work out and sometimes they can't help but leave a little bit of themselves behind and now, we have to be extra careful.

Are you going to go?  I feel as if I really have to.  My body is actually craving some exercise.  I am able to go out and walk, but it's not the same.  When I go out for a walk, I usually get very distracted by the things around me.  I'll run in to some sort of nature, like a tree that looks particularly cool and I'll have to stop and take a picture or the neighbors cat who has come to say hello.  Of course, I have to pet the cat!  Being outside slows me down and I just can't focus on the task at hand, which is getting some good exercise in.

Thursday, when the gyms open up, me and my thighs will be there, but I have to admit, I'll be a little nervous.  Not only because of the germs, but also because I know the pain I'll have to endure after I get a focused workout.  Admittedly, I do like the feeling I get after I work out, so I'll endure the pain.  It's good for me.  Builds muscle and character.

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