Bill Fox from The Big Breakfast will be officially hosting this 2 hour event starting at 2 Doors Down starting at 5pm. HOWEVER as Townsquare Media's unofficial Casino Consultant I will be there to unofficially help with any Keno related questions. It's going to be so much fun!

Train Images
Train Images

Remember, this game is subjective. The best way to figure out how to play is by looking at the payouts and odds and try to figure out if you'd like to win often OR if you'd like to win big.

This NH Lottery 'How To' is very comprehensive and should answer anything you need to know.

As I have stated in previous posts, I LOVE THE NINE SPOT GAME! Yes you can win small AND if you hit 8 or 9 of your numbers, you could win a fortune! For just a buck!

Remember if you need any help with Keno tonight at 2 Doors Down from 5pm-7pm, I'll be the 6'3" bald guy right in front of the Keno screen, staring intensely at it. Don't be afraid to say Hello!

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