People are zooming past New Hampshire State Troopers without moving over a lane, and that's against the law.

This winter, we've reported that many drivers in the Granite State still wheel around with snow on their roof. As a result, New Hampshire State Police ramped up enforcement of 'Jessica's Law,' where drivers have are legally required to clear snow and ice off their cars before getting on the road. Drivers who violate the law face fines of $250 to $500 for a first offense and $500 to $1,000 if they do it again.

Law enforcement is also battling another issue; drivers failing to yield a lane when they are attending to another motorist. According to their Facebook page, Troopers were patrolling I-93 in Concord, when a motorist was observed failing to move over. The operator was not alone, as police have been cracking down.

It's a reminder to do the following:
(a) Maintain a reduced speed.
(b) Obey the directions of any authorized person directing traffic and of all applicable emergency signals and traffic control devices.
(c) Vacate as soon as possible any lane wholly or partially blocked.
(d) Give a wide berth, without endangering oncoming traffic, to public safety personnel, any persons in the roadway, and stationary vehicles displaying blue, red, or amber emergency or warning lights.


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