This is truly sad.  Port City Music Hall is falling victim to the economics of the pandemic.  The Portland music venue is permanently closed, according to their Facebook page.

I have seen many shows at the Port City Music Hall and although some of the experiences were not my favorite, no fault of the musicians or the venue, (I'll get in to that in a minute) it's very sad for any live music venue to close.

My first experience at PCMH was with my niece, Abby.  She wanted to see this singer/songwriter, Trevor Hall, who she had been following for many years. In we walked to this huge room with super cool couches at the front, tables on the side and bars everywhere.  We decided to hang on the couches in the back before deciding to take our stand in front of the stage.  It was a magical night that she will never forget.

My favorite experience at the PCMH was when my husband David and I went to go see The Infamous String Dusters.  David is a former teacher of Chris Pandolfi, the banjo player in the band and we were very excited to see how far his career had taken him.  It was a fabulous show and the crowd just loved them.  The energy in that room was incredible.

There was another time at the PCMH that wasn't so nice.  I can't say who was on stage, but I was a big fan, so I was right up front of the stage, next to a set of stairs that many patrons used.  Several times throughout the night I got beer spilled on me (it was packed and my choice to be there, but no apologies - ever...) and pushed around by the crowd.  It was not a great experience that night.

Regardless of that one experience, I am sad to see them close.  There were so many good experiences there, they greatly out-weigh the occasional spilled beer.

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