Three games remain and THREE Shark listeners still have a shot at winning a beautiful recliner from Pete's Bargain Basement in Dover. Here are the scenarios.

I think WIZRD666 is in the best shape to win it all. If North Carolina wins the Championship, the Shark Bracket's resident evil wizard will score 48 total points and be victorious. He can also win if NC just MAKES IT to the final and his total tiebreaking score prediction of 163 proves to be more accurate.

Congratulations are in order for Mr. or Mrs. rkobrenski who currently has BOTH sides of their bracket intact (!?),  a very impressive feat. If Gonzaga beats Oregon in the final game and the tiebreaking score of 148 is correct, then rkobrenski is the Champ!

Our current leader in the clubhouse is DJ15 who is hoping for several different scenarios and that the total score of the championship game is closest to 140.

I honestly have no clue what will happen if the Championship final score is 144 between Gonzaga and Oregon because that would mean that both rkobrenski and DJ15 are COMPLETELY TIED.

Maybe a coin flip will be in order?

Perhaps I might have to do the unthinkable and read the official rules? Ugh.

Good luck to everyone involved! It has really been a fun tourney!

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