Hey Ma, no more running around in your underwear in Portsmouth.  The drone might spot ya!

According to a report from Seacoast Online, Portsmouth Police Department is launching a drone program for surveillance and for search purposes.  The report also says that any time the drone is used the information will be posted on the Portsmouth Police department website.  Portsmouth Police Officer, Lt. Christian Cummings said that any complaint about the drones will be addressed, "Just like any other complaint," the report states.

If people are worried about their privacy with drones flying above, I think that ship has sailed.  With all the cameras everywhere, whenever I go out the door, I make the assumption I'm being watched, so drones flying above to try and solve a crime or find a missing person, I think is a great idea.  I will have to tell my sister in law to put some clothes on though.  She has a tendency to sunbathe in the nuuuuude!





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