There's an interesting story behind this incredible 4K drone footage of northern New Hampshire. This video is shot from a Phantom 3 Professional, which is a ridiculously cool, high end drone.

The interesting thing is that this footage is just B-roll for a much bigger project. There is a documentary coming out, not sure when, entitled, 'Protect The Bobcat: A New Hampshire Wildlife Story,' and I believe you'll see shots like this throughout the film.

Whatever your feelings are regarding the hunting of bobcats, I think we can all agree, that footage is stunning!

Directed and produced by Brenda Olson, 'Protect The Bobcat: A New Hampshire Wildlife Story,' is sure to be filled with beautiful scenery just like this clip.

This movie is an Olson Entertainment Studios LLC & Rolling Shutters Production Film in Association with Jonathan Geddis, and is currently in production, in fact, they need people this Saturday at the State House at 10AM for the final scene.

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