I was searching the world wide interwebs for NH Christmas songs and what to my wondering eyes should appear? A terrific performance from the late, great Johnny Winter from Nashua in 1984!

Thanks to YouTuber 'GCRDBlues53' for posting this gem.

I can't believe how good the audio quality is!

Johnny Winter ALWAYS delivered incredibly good live performances throughout his 55 year career (Highway 61 Revisited at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert being my all time favorite), however, the recording equipment used in any 'bootleg' type of video is usually suspect to say the least.

This is surprising clear and I've watched it three times already this morning in a state of awe.

I can't wait to talk to Sarah about this tomorrow, not only to brag that I found it, but to get a better scoop as to where this footage was taken from. She, of course, is a Nashua native and is bound to know!

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