Some people spend their entire lives in Maine and never once lay their eyes on a moose. A large part of the reason is moose don't want to be seen, certainly not by people. A lot of moose stay as far away from civilization as they possibly can. So you can imagine the shock and surprise when one large moose was Lewiston?

Shared on Facebook by Meaghan Braun, through the wooded terrain of Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary, she spotted a moose. Braun stated that she was on a run through the trails of the nature sanctuary and couldn't believe her eyes. Braun decided it was best to give the moose its space and to not make any sharp movements that may irritate the animal, but still managed to snap a couple photos before she left.

While it may not be completely unheard of to see a moose in Lewiston, it is incredibly rare. It's also potentially dangerous. While Thorncrag is 450 acres of wilderness, it is surrounded by homes and busy roads. The possibility that the moose attempts to cross one of those busy roads or roams into a backyard or two definitely exists. This particular moose wandered in without issue and hopefully can find its way out with limited human interaction. details some of the possible outcomes in the event you encounter a moose in the wild. Your safest bet, and the most common outcome, is to keep your distance and let the moose do their thing. Nature is always full of surprises.

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