It was a team effort involving Somersworth Fire and Rescue as well as NH Fish and Game.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday, a red-tailed hawk was spotted entangled in the netting at Hilltop Fun Center.

The hawk was caught at least 30 feet up, so the fire department was notified for use of their ladder.

Lt. Michael Eastman from New Hampshire Fish and Game was on the scene to help with the rescue.

According to;

Eastman said it is common for birds to get caught in nets, and once hanging upside down for a while they will become quite docile. The fire department set up a tarp to protect the hawk in case it dropped to the ground once freed.

“He was letting me grab his wing and once I got his foot away from the net I was prepared to let him drop into the tarp.” Eastman said. “He dropped about three feet, turned around and then put his wings out and flew off. It was good ending.”

Shark kudos to all involved in this unique rescue!

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