I certainly have been wearing my 'Forest Ranger Train' hat a lot lately. Here's some tips that everyone can learn from and follow along to maximize safety until December 6th.


Keep in mind that I'm not a real Forest Ranger but I do play one on the radio so I thought it would be smart to get an actual quote from a genuine safety advisement from the National Forest Service.

Wear bright clothing. Make yourself more visible. Choose colors that stand out, like red, orange or green, and avoid white, blacks, browns, earth-toned greens and animal-colored clothing.


Orange vests and hats are advisable.


- US Forest Service- Information For Non-Hunters

Since your dog has no choice but to wear 'animal colored clothing', it is also advised that you cover your canine in as many bright colors as possible. And yes they have adorable hunter's orange vests now for pets!

Did you know it's not mandatory that NH hunters wear orange? It's only 'strongly recommended'. Talk about Live Free Or Die!

The State Of Maine is much more stringent for hunters as they require a minimum of TWO pieces of bright orange clothing with one of those items being a hat. You MUST wear a blaze orange hat to adhere to State Law.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has laws similar to Maine but they actually specify at least 500 square inches of orange must be worn.

I've always been pro-hunter as I think native NH venison is one of the best delicacies on earth. Also, deer are destructive to gardens and their overpopulation causes serious driving safety issues on our roads. At least once a week, one will jump in front of my path on my 5AM commute.

All it takes for us non-hunters to be a little more aware over the next 26 days and we'll all hopefully have another safe and successful NH deer hunting season!

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