When Geoffrey Holt passed away at the age of 82, he gave millions of dollars to his hometown of Hinsdale, New Hampshire, according to CBSnews.com. And no one knew he had that kind of money.

Hinsdale is in the southwest part of New Hampshire, very close to the Vermont border.

You Would Never Know He Had Money

Geoffrey Holt was a quiet man who worked in a mobile home park.  He taught Driver's Education, but he traveled around his town of Hinsdale, New Hampshire, on a lawnmower.

Geoffrey's clothes were threadbare, and he didn't have many furnishings in his mobile home.  He didn't have a TV or computer.  Even the legs of his bed went through the floor of his home.

What a Surprise to This New Hampshire Town

People in Hinsdale were flabbergasted when Geoffrey passed away at the age of 82.  He left the town $3.8 million dollars to be used for health, recreation, and culture.  Apparently, Geoffrey was not only frugal, but very savvy with some of his investments.

The town of Hinsdale, which has about 4,200 people in it, is where Geoffrey spent most of his time.  He rarely went outside of the town limits, and led a very simple life.

Geoffrey Did Have a Wife

He did have a wife, but quickly divorced earlier in his life.  According to the article, he also had a woman who he lived with that he met at the mobile home park, but she died in 2017.  He also had a sister, but she was 81 and lived far away.

Like David Thoreau

There is something beautiful about the kind of life that Geoffrey lived.  It reminds me of how David Thoreau lived.  The important things in life can not be bought.

Having said that, if I had $3.8 million dollars, I surely would spend it on 1) a house on the ocean in Maine, and 2)  another house on the ocean in Maine.

What do you think of Geoffrey's story?

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