It was one year ago today that the History channel aired the episode of American Pickers about Aerosmith's old van that was discovered in Western Massachusetts.

If you watched the episode, you know how much the van meant to the band.  They talked a lot about the van driver who was also the guy who shleped the equipment for them and did their sound.  You could see that they were all moved by seeing the old thing.  It's really great to watch them get so emotional!

What I wish is for the walls of that van to talk.  I can only imagine what it would tell us.  Early Aerosmith days were filled with creativity, girls, mayhem and so many other things!

The band wants the van to go in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is just amazing.  That means when this pandemic is over, we can all see the van for ourselves.

The one frustrating thing for me with regards to the van is, I traveled to Western Massachusetts when that van was just sitting there, deserted on the side of the road.  I passed it many times and I just thought, "Gee, that's a really big Aerosmith fan.  They painted an old van with their name on it."  Little did I know it was the actual van that the guys used to tour around in!  Had I known, I could have, potentially, used my connections to get in touch with Steven himself to tell him about it!  OH!!  Missed opportunity!

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