23 year-old Gage White tased his dog under the pretense of disciplining him, and will now serve four months in jail.

During a bench trial in Rochester Circuit Court, White was found guilty of simple assault and cruelty to animals to his dog, Caria. He was sentenced to four months in jail. According to the Rochester Voice, the assault took place in October of 2017. Witnesses described seeing White use a stun gun to "discipline" the pooch at his Amazon Park residence, according to police.

Upon investigation, officers took note Cario was fearful of White. The a mastiff mix reportedly put "her tail between her legs," and she was seized by police and sent to be evaluated at Rochester Veterinary Clinic, where she was deemed OK, according to the Rochester Voice.

This wasn't White's first brush with the law. He is already serving a six-month sentence in Strafford County Jail after pleading guilty last month to simple assault and criminal trespass against a domestic partner in Rochester in November.

Cario was later put up for adoption at the Cocheco Valley Humane Society, according to the Rochester Voice.



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