Never Underestimate Weather Conditions in New Hampshire

Dan Morris, the headmaster at Pembroke Academy, put his hiking knowledge into high gear to help an exhausted hiker last Saturday, according to

Morris is an avid hiker and has spent many years hiking in the area since being a student at Pembroke Academy, the news article noted. Hiking is an activity his whole family enjoys from his wife Alyza to his daughters Phoebe and Daphne.  Morris has even got his sister and her family in on the sport.

He knows his stuff, from clothes to gear, the knowledge of the crazy weather New Hampshire can deliver, the Concord Monitor reported.

Encounter with Hiker on Mount Madison

When the family was out hiking last Saturday, they experienced all sorts of weather from the frigid cold to hot sun to torrential downpours.

Morris and his daughter Daphne were hiking a bit of a way behind the rest of the party when they came across a wet and exhausted hiker, according to the Concord Monitor.

Morris knew the hiker was in trouble, the article noted.

Brandon Mains, from Rochester, New Hampshire, was hiking with his friend and his son when he began to feel nauseous and lightheaded.  He had half a sandwich and some trail mix, but it wasn’t enough to get him moving, according to

Morris aided with some knowledge and compassion

Even though Brandon was an experienced hiker, trouble can strike anyone as Morris knows too well.

He helped keep Brandon warm until a volunteer from Search and Rescue arrived and pumped up Mains with honey, fruit, and trail mix, according to the Concord Monitor. He was able to make the slow descent to safety after that, the article reported.

The lesson to take away from this is that even experienced hikers run into the unexpected.  Thank goodness Morris and his family were there to help and kudos to the volunteer search and rescue team.

New Hampshire has some tough, smart individuals.  Stay safe and never hike alone.

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