Rochester, NH schools have found a way for students that do not have access to Wi-Fi to assist them in gaining access to the internet to help them complete their distance learning assignments, according to

They are using school buses, originally outfitted as internet hot spots for away game sports travelers and parking them in specific regions where internet access is most needed.

The assistant superintendent also told that the school district is lending Chromebooks to students who do not have a home device to work on.

Rochester School Department Assistant Superintendent Sandy MacDonald said, “The first day we went out we saw several kids, they were looking at the buses like ‘What is this doing here?’ So we were able to talk to them and say ‘You know this is a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can’t play on the bus, but tell your friends in the area if they need to get on.”

Its great work by the Rochester Schools.

Not everyone has a laptop and internet access. This really puts parents in a crunch at a difficult time, so it was great work by the School District to think outside the box to help the students in need.

Go Rochester...


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