Speaking as a die-hard Van Halen fan, who's high school and college years were fueled by a Van Halen soundtrack, I could care less at this prospect.

Sammy Hagar was interviewed recently and he said he predicted Michael Anthony would return to Van Halen.

“My guess is, if you want me to make one prediction, I think that Michael Anthony will be back in that band because they really need to do that. If they’re going to serve the fans and ever do what the fans really want right now, if it’s going to be Dave, then it’s gotta be Mike. too. It’s gotta be the original band, and that’s the way it should be. Nothing against Wolfie — I love the guy; he was a sweet kid, grew up, I saw him when he was born for God’s sake — but they need to do that and my prediction is they will.” VH1 Radio Network

Van Halen ended for me when Eddie fired Sammy on Father's day 1996. In my opinion, they have done nothing worthwhile since, (apologies to Gary Cherrone who is one of my favorite singers) including getting back together with David Lee Roth in 2007.

Right off the bat it wasn't going to "the original Van Halen" as Michael Anthony wasn't asked back. His singing is a signature sound of the band, and the way they've treated him after being a good soldier all these years is a crime.

I wasn't impressed with the 2007 tour, nor their "A Different Kind of Truth". I'm long over being teased by these guys. They were once Kings, but that was a long time ago.