Snowy Owls in Hampton, Snowy Owls in Rye, Snowy Owls in Salisbury... Why? Why? Why?... or better yet Who! Who! Who! Ok, this is no doubt the lamest intro in the history of blogging but it raises an important question? Why are these raptors spending the winter, hundreds of miles away from their Canadian homeland?


"Eh! What are you lookin' at, eh?"

There have been Snowy Owl sightings this winter as far south as Amelia Island, Florida. Is this the result of the so-called Polar-Vortex? Is there a rodent shortage in the Great White North? My theory may be a bit far-fetched, but after the death of Dumbledore and Harry's graduation, enrollment levels must be at an all time low at Hogwarts and those invites do not mail themselves.