Last night, at Fenway Park, Mookie Betts had one of the best "at-bat's" that I've ever seen at a ballgame.  He hit a grand slam after about a million fouls.  It was awesome!  Fenway is an historic park that EVERYONE should experience at least once in their life and even if you're not a baseball fan, you have another reason to visit.

On Tuesday August 14th, it's Movie Night at Fenway!  This has become an annual event for families to experience the magic of this ballpark without paying an arm and a leg.  (let's face it, our Beloved Fenway is kinda pricey....but not for this)  Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for kids to see the Jurassic Park.  It's been 25 years since the original came out.  Can you believe that?   How time flies!

I didn't see Jurassic Park until waaaay after, years after, it came out.  I wondered why until I remembered that it came out in 1993.  That year, I was knee deep in diapers and baby bottles.  My son Colin was born in June of 1992, so although the movie was a smash success, I'm pretty sure I was having a better time watching baby teeth come in and capturing his first steps.  Maybe I'll take him to Fenway since we missed it the first time around.



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