Yesterday, one of the bands that is playing Shark in the Park this Summer, played at a charity event for Captain Joel Barnes of the Berwick Fire Department who lost his life fighting a fire last month.

Here at the Shark we got an email from the Big Picture Band telling us about the event.  I just spoke with Cheryl Carroll, the Event Coordinator for the Rollinsford Legion Post 47 who said:

It was a beautiful community effort.  How do you say thank you to a community that gave so much?

Cheryl also told me that the atmosphere, although it was festive with the live music and food, was a bit somber remembering Captain Barnes.  I told her that although it's the job of each firefighter to put their lives at risk, it's their biggest fear come true.

Cheryl is hopeful that they made some big money for the Berwick Volunteer Fire Fighters and will have the total amount of money raised soon.  The overhead costs were low, so she expects a good amount of money to be donated.  Maybe it will be an annual event!  Count me in next time!

I am so happy to have Big Picture Band as part of our lineup this summer.  The band with kick ass tunes and a big heart!!

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