The featured image that you are looking at may not look like a miracle, however, it is the result of a Herculean task performed by our latest Shark intern Josh.

Normally, anyone posting an article such as this would put a Before/After collage to better illustrate the work that was done.

Honestly, it got to a point that I could barely even open this door to the beverage storage closet. Everything that you see was piled in a great big unorganized mountain that made entering the room a nearly impossible. Taking a picture of the 'Before' would have just displayed a door pried slightly ajar.

Here is a picture (below) of the protagonist of this story.

Train Images

Shark intern Josh from Salem State University!

He is solely responsible for righting a nearly impossible wrong. And for this I thank him wholeheartedly.

Like a true millennial, Josh couldn't pry his eyes away from the soft glow of his device to pose for this picture. I'll cut him some slack though since he lugged hundreds of gallons of heavy liquids to save The Bob Fuller Media Center from the dark days of complete disorder! Thanks!