If you missed Media Day yesterday in Atlanta, we have a clip from Rob Gronkowski being interviewed by Willie McGinest.  He is just a big kid who I could listen to all day.  Check out this clip when Gronk talks about what kind of wrestler he would be.  (This clip starts with a suggestion from Betsy to make noodle kugel for the Superbowl party.  Not sure I'm going to do that.... doesn't sound too appetizing, but anyway!)  Check out this interview from Patriots.com:


Later on in the show, we talked about how my husband is not going to my family's Superbowl party because he wants to hear every word that Tom Brady says.  I can relate.  As long as he is talking, I can't say that I'm listening, however, I do like to watch him talk.  LOL!  Brady was asked by Willie McGinest how he felt about the critics:

#ignorethenoise.  LET'S Go Pats!!!  Here all the action on The Shark this Sunday starting with pre-game at 3:30!!

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