Yesterday was National Cheeseburger day, so we wanted to know where people's favorite places were to get a burger in New Hampshire. Here are some of their answers:
Carrie Law Jones  MoJo's in Portsmouth
Joseph La Dow  Five Guys
Martha May Fink The Crown Burger at the Crown in Manchester is sooo good. And a great deal. A must try!
Marilyn Johnson:  Creative and inexpensive? Lexi's
Diane Aspesi Young Wild Willy's, Rochester
Johnny Thompson The Rusty Hammer
Laurance Lovejoy Tuckaway Tavern..Raymond, NH.
Justin Miller Fugginburger
Rhonda White Wild Willy’s!!!
We also had a listener, Sam the Stats guy, call and tell us about BRGR bar in Downtown Portsmouth where you can choose your meat!
My favorite, however, was a place that I can't go.  Well, I could.... but it's somebody's house.  Check this out:
Ron Fuller Ron's Casa:   8 ounce burger stuffed with 2 strips of half cooked bacon. Cook burger to medium rare add cheddar. Add 3 strips of bacon. Add slice of red onion, lettuce tomatoes , pickles. Use high quality bun toasted. Mayo mustard touch of ketchup. Always serve with steak fries and a ice cold soda

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