Do you recall some of the slang or catch phrases you used when you were young and trying to be the "bomb-diggity"? I remember using "like" a lot, like totally, way too much. I invented the word "bitchin" in the 80's. Not really, but I might as well have.

Here are some other words and phrases from the 80's and 90's:

"Bitchin" = Cool.
"The bomb" or "the bomb diggity" = Excellent.
"Sup?" = What's up?
"Git witchu" = Be with you.
"All that" or "all that and a bag of chips" = Superior or the best.
"Psych" = NOT! Or just kidding.
"I'm psyched." = I'm excited.
"No duh!" = Yes, I know. Everyone knows that.
"Excellent" = Excellent.
"Bad" = Good.
"Take a chill pill!" = Calm down.

Today's teens have their own jargon just like we did. Here are some of the words they're using, according to USA Today:

"LB/FB." Translation = Like Back/Follow Back.
"Throwing shade." Translation = To insult someone.
"Squad." Translation = Closest group of friends.
"Thirsty." Translation = It means someone is desperate, especially when it comes to dating.
The letter "V," which is short for "very." Example: "I'm V good at fooling my parents."
"Woke." Translation = It means you're smart and paying attention.


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