We haven't gotten there yet, have we?

Green Bikes Smoothies is located in Manchester and if you check out their menu, you will most definitely find something delicious.

My husband just had dental work done in Manchester and was looking around for a place to eat, but he couldn't have any hard food, so lucky for him, he found this smoothie place located in one of the Mills in Manch.  Much to his surprise, the person behind the counter said that they don't accept cash when he went to give them a 10 dollar bill.  I was shocked and had to get to the bottom of this!  So, I tracked down the owner of the place and called him this morning.

Dave, the owner, said that they don't take cash because it's just easier.  He doesn't have to train the staff - or have cash in the Millyard after they close, HOWEVER, all is not lost.  If all you have is cash, they would work it out. I KNEW IT!  Listen to our phone conversation here:

No offense to my beloved husband, but sometimes, (no, all the time) when he is faced with a situation that just doesn't make any sense, he doesn't push it, he just goes with the flow.  He's an easy going guy, but man, if I was with him, I'm sure we would have, in the owner's words, been able to "work it out."

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