Thanks to drone pilot videographer and YouTuber 'DaveIn NH', we get to see Somersworth as we never have before. Check it out!

Like he needs any extra credit for this awesomeness, but to provide the 70's TV theme song to 'The Incredible Hulk'? I'm expecting to see Dr. David Banner hitchhiking in the background. Plus 100,000 points!

I cannot recall any of his previous videos being filmed in black and white and, WOW, what a perfect setting for the debut.

I've driven by Forest Glade Cemetery at least a half dozen times and in my mind's eye it has never looked quite like this. It's amazing how the lack of 'technicolor', the proper soundtrack and a talented director can transform a setting into something else entirely.

It would only take me a few extra minutes out of my commute to drive by there later today, I think I'll do just that and see this place with a 'new perspective'.

Thanks Dave!

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